Cape Clear Walking Talking Guided Tours


The thrill of a trip to Cape Clear begins at the ferry. As the mainland recedes, there is a sense that the everyday world is another country one has left behind. The Island ahead moves in another time; for those not old enough to remember, this is what Ireland was like before traffic and the hustle bustle, a less busy and more gracious place.


The Island also provides superb walking where the stunning scenery is complemented by a marine environment frequented by many species of whales, dolphins and sharks. Beside the paths and boreens, wild flowers bloom in an untainted profusion rarely seen elsewhere. The only sounds are the ever present sea and the cries of the different birds in season. During the late summer the Bird Observatory records large migrations of sea birds that can be seen from the Island while the autumn brings occasional exotic vagrants from far flung places in the Americas, Asia and Africa.


The Islanders, both native and incomers alike, enjoy a rich and seasonal quality of life and eke out a modest living from farming, fishing and tourism. The Walking Talking Festival is an opportunity to explore the hidden places of the island with local guides and talkers and later to experience good conversation, poetry, stories and music in intimate and domestic surroundings. This is a weekend for those who wish to slow down and enjoy the great bounty of nature at its best among good company. Nature, history and folklore combine in a series of small human adventures.


The walking tours consists of a series of guided walks focusing on history, folklore, bird watching and ecology with acknowledged local experts followed by various, informal gatherings themed around history, folklore, poetry and song. Participation and interaction are encouraged and groups are kept small to foster a sense of intimacy.